The Skagit County Physical Activity Coalition (SCPAC) is a community-based partnership of interested community members. Team members include individuals from private and public sectors including hospitals, public health, transportation, parks and recreation, business owners, medical professionals, health and fitness professionals and organizations, planning and media, as well as non-affiliated individuals.

Our Mission:

Physical inactivity is considered to be the number two preventable cause of premature mortality (exceeded only by tobacco use). Inactivity rates have shown no change over the past decade with less than 25% of Americans engaging in the minimum daily-recommended levels of physical activity. Regular moderate-intensity physical activity has been scientifically linked to a host of significant health benefits. Activity should match your ability, needs, and interests. It may be work, recreation, exercise, or sports. The goal is to get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity most days of the week.

Our Goals
The overall goal of the Coalition is to provide leadership and support for partnerships, projects, and policies that result in increased levels of regular physical activity among the members of our community. This goal will be served by:

  • encouraging all Skagit County residents to be physically active by increasing their awareness and understanding about the benefits of physical activity and the range of opportunities to be physically active in daily life;
  • influencing positive social and physical environments and opportunities that facilitate the integration of physical activity into daily life, and that are accessible to all county residents;
  • establishing partnerships with government and non-governmental agencies across levels and sectors, and encouraging and supporting collaborative action and increased capacity to foster active daily living in Skagit County.

Our Projects
SCPAC has chosen to focus our efforts on promoting physical activity in the following areas: coalition development, youth and families, older adults, pathways, walking and increasing awareness.

Click here to find out more about our projects.

Our Members

Coalition Coordinator: Liz McNett Crowl  
Members: Vicky Austin
Fidalgo Pool & Fitness Center
Dan Pike
Skagit Council of Governments
  Stonewall Bird
Retired Attorney
Randy Rabenstein
Skagit Valley Family YMCA
  Peter Browning
Skagit County Health Department
Dennis Richards
Island Hospital
  Marie Erbstoeszer
Consultant, Health Administration and Planning
Wendy Scott
Skagit Running Company
  Denise Houtsma
Riverside Health Club

Valerie Stafford,
United General Hospital

  Jeri Krampetz
Pacific Northwest Trails Association
Bob Vaux
Skagit County Parks and Recreation
  Bobbi Krebs McMullen
Skagit County Planning Commissioner
Stedem Wood
Publisher, Skagit Valley Herald
  Chelle Moat
Linda Wright
Skagit Valley Hospital
  Diane Morton
Skagit Valley Hospital

Our funding:
Since 1996, Skagit Valley Hospital in partnership with the Skagit County Health Department, has received a Heart Health Prevention Block Grant, and then the Health Promotion Block Grant, from the Washington State Department of Health. These grants have been used to support the hiring of a part time staff coordinator for the coalition.

In 2002, the Regence BlueShield Physical Activity for Health Initiative was created. This project created the Northwest Physical Activity Coalition and provided funding for a three-year project for the development physical activity coalitions in Island, San Juan, Skagit and Whatcom counties.